Broadcast Analogy: Twitter is like Radio

Recently I was listening to the radio during the PM drive. I was sitting in traffic for what it seemed an eternity and the entire time the host kept taking calls about the same subject…I felt the urge to change the dial, but I stayed just out of curiosity to find out how long this will go on? Well, I made it home and the same question was being asked. Nothing new was being offered, a song was played, went to commercial, came back, and again, same question, different caller, similar opinion. People kept on calling, so that was good, I guess, but for how long can you go on asking the same question? Then is when I thought: If this guy was on Twitter I would unfollow him right away = changing the radio dial

For all my broadcasting colleagues out there who still struggle to understand the ‘Follow me’ concept, here’s an analogy that I hope will help you figure it out:

Think you are the programmer at a new radio station = Your new Twitter page

The first thing you do is identify your target audience, know what they like and offer them the programming that they love so they can tune in and stay = Your Twitter followers

Imagine you are the producer of a live radio show, what sort of topics will you talk about, you are a communicator, what message will you spread, and how will the audience participate? = Your Twitter posts.

If a loyal listener tunes in to their favorite station and all it hears is dead air for more than two seconds they will change the dial. If they come back again and again finds dead air, it is very likely that they will not come back = If you don’t post content regularly on Twitter who ever finds you will think there is nothing interesting going on so they won’t follow you.

If a listener decides to scan the dial looking for something “cool” to listen and all they find is dead air, they will continue turning the knob = Your Twitter page with no tweets for the past month or more or never.

Radio shows everyday come up with questions for callers relevant to recent events, give away tickets, contest, games, gatherings, and promote their station on other platforms, all that translates in the cyberworld on twitter as tweets, tweeups, tweet parties, your twitter link on your newsletter and Website. The concept remains the same, is the medium that is different.

Twitter bird courtesy of Pixey

  • Mariela Dabbah

    Marisela, this is an awesome analogy! We just posted it on our page as we were having a conversation about different platfroms and people seem to be confused about Twitter. Thanks for writing this up!