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IBM.com Smarter Planet

Digital Strategist

I work with the dotcom team envisioning the future of digital marketing.  I focus on content strategies that deliver a continuous increase of interaction, engagement and visibility.

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Producer and audience interact live via video stream after TV show.

Interaction Designer + Developer

Conceived, designed and developed Hubb, an app for the television connected to the cloud.
Hubb introduces a TV 3.0 production workflow connecting audiences to producers in real time, without compromising content quality.

If you would like to watch the demo video of this project, please feel free to contact me expressing you interest in this project.  Thank you.

CNN newsroom

TV Producer

The news stories I pitched and produced at CNN aired in 212 countries demonstrating my news judgement and global vision to identify newsworthy events and trends.

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Interaction Designer

Conceived, designed and prototyped with Noa Dolberg and Frederico Andrade. Keiko is a television remote control to navigate the connected television.  

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Interaction Designer + Developer

Built using Openframworks and text-to-speech technology, First on Twitter provokes a commentary on the current un-curated integration of social media in TV News, and the noise vs. value debate.

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Inspired on Italo Calvino’s Invisible City of Anastasia, where their inhabitants enjoy a lavish life but are at the same time slaves to their city.

The t-shirt was chosen as medium for its history with the working class.  The slogans printed on the tees comment on the lifestyle anyone with a 9 to 5 job can relate.  The slogans are printed on sweatshop, child-labor free shirts, making each piece a unique 100% Made in the U.S.A. design.

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sound waves

Voice-over Artist

I often receive requests to do Spanish-language voice-over work.  Some of my VO work include web, non-commercial and audio books.

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Marisela Riveros Television

Sr. TV Producer + Reporter

As Senior Producer at Bloomberg News I was responsible for the production of daily and weekly news shows.  The stories I produced often broke news, moved world markets and were broadcast in 72 countries and distributed via the Bloomberg Professional Service to more than 310,000 subscribers in 172 countries.

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My first radio station

Radio Producer + Reporter

At Bloomberg Radio Affiliates Network I wrote/produced/reported on daily financial news and personal finance stories for the U.S. Hispanic and African-American markets.

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